Facial Plastic Surgery to Enhance Your Appearance

Dr. Feinberg's facial plastic surgery patients benefit enormously from his truly unique background in both art and science -- because successful plastic surgery is a blend of art and science.

Prior to attending the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Feinberg had an extensive background in architectural design and fine arts, receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a grade of "A" on his senior thesis. He then worked at the world-famous architectural offices of Marcel Breuer and Harrison & Abramovitz in New York City. Moving to Los Angeles, he passed the rigorous design requirements, involving two full days of testing, to become a licensed architect in the State of California, where he now holds the unique distinction of being both a licensed physician and a licensed architect.

Subsequently, he went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine degree from UCLA, where at Graduation he was awarded the Emil Bogen Research Prize for Outstanding Investigative Creativity. During his residency training in Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Feinberg's primary interest was always facial plastic surgery; this particular residency training provides the most complete knowledge of the anatomy and function of all the structures involved in facial plastic surgery. Since 1976, Dr. Feinberg has been fully board-certified in the specialty of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery.

With this truly special blending of art and science, Dr. Feinberg is uniquely qualified to perform facial plastic surgery with the artistic sensitivity as well as the medical knowledge required for outstanding results.

Dr. Feinberg's primary goal in facial plastic surgery is to achieve a truly natural-appearing result, avoiding an obvious "surgical" appearance to your redesigned facial features. Because of his extensive previous training in art and design, Dr. Feinberg's unique sensitivity to sizes, shapes and contours enables him to harmonize your new, improved facial feature to the rest of your face.

For example, after Dr. Feinberg improves the outside shape of the nose, patients after the surgery will exclaim: "This looks just like the nose I should have been born with!". When his patients return to work, friends will circle around saying "You look great!" but unable to figure out exactly what was changed in the face to create this exiting improvement in their appearance. When patients return after the surgery and tell this story to Dr. Feinberg, he replies, "That's exactly what I wanted to achieve -- a look that's so natural, so much in harmony with your facial features that no one could tell you ever had surgery!"

For a full list of the many plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Feinberg at his Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center, click on this phrase: Treatment Services Offered.

And now for highlights and more information about specific procedures:

  • Cosmetic Nasal Surgery 

    Changing the appearance of the outside of the nose is crucial for many patients. Dr. Feinberg fully understands the lowered self-esteem an overly large, heavy-looking nose creates and how such a nose unfairly detracts attention from your other desirable facial features -- your attractive eyes and mouth, for example. After Dr. Feinberg corrects the outside of your nose and, thanks to Dr. Feinberg's unique training in art and design, your nose harmonizes beautifully with your other facial features, your friends will now, for the first time, be able to appreciate the other desirable facial features you possessed all along.


    Of great interest to many patients is Dr. Feinberg's special skill and success in achieving the corrections desired by Asian, Hispanic, or African-American patients. For example, Dr. Feinberg has invented his own special technique for narrowing nostrils that are much too wide; the results are really superb.


    When you have your initial consultation at our office, you will be shown a book of unretouched before and after photos of Dr. Feinberg's patients, so you can see for yourself the extraordinary results he has achieved.


    Regarding the function of your nose, if your nasal breathing is obstructed, this can be corrected at the same operation as the outside of your nose (see Laser Nasal Surgery to Correct Nasal Blockage).  The portion of your surgery involving correction of nasal obstruction is covered by appropriate medical insurance, in whole or in part.

  • Nothing is more emotionally traumatizing to a young child or to an adult than the cruel, insensitive teasing of others about how "your ears stick out".
      But Dr. Feinberg can correct this sensitive problem skillfully, making use of his extensive artistic training to create a new, much more streamlined contour for your ears -- the new contour you've wanted for so many years.


    Unlike other doctors, Dr. Feinberg can guarantee that the very special technique he has personally developed over more than twenty five years of correcting protruding ears will be truly permanent.  By selecting Dr. Feinberg as your surgeon, you'll never have to worry about your ears "popping back out".


    Based on his years of experience and superb artistic judgment, Dr. Feinberg understands that truly excellent surgery to correct protruding ears requires the most demanding, careful technique.  While you are under anesthesia, Dr. Feinberg will make the repeated, small adjustments needed until he has achieved for you the outstanding new contour for your ears you need.  Dr. Feinberg takes into consideration all parts of your ears that require correction -- from the very top to the earlobe at the bottom.  By following his own very exacting standards, Dr. Feinberg has been able to achieve the outstanding results you'll see for yourself in our album of before and after patient photos.



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