Laser Nasal Surgery to Correct Nasal Blockage

Dr. Feinberg has achieved stunning success in correcting all forms of chronic nasal obstruction due to a wide variety of causes: deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, polyps, and scarring due to prior nasal surgery or trauma.  Dr. Feinberg, working in his own beautiful, fully accredited surgery center, has developed his own unique techniques using his cutting edge carbon dioxide laser.  With his use of the laser, healing time is cut in half and his patients experience a smooth post-operative course.

Dr. Feinberg frequently is called upon to revise the work of other surgeons.  The scarring that results from prior nasal surgery or nasal injuries responds beautifully to the laser techniques he has worked so hard to develop.  His detailed, careful pre-operative analysis and meticulous surgical technique has resulted in successful, clear nasal breathing for hundreds of patients.

In particular, patients with severe allergies blocking the nose will benefit from Dr. Feinberg's special approach to nasal surgery.  Dr. Feinberg's bold and permanent techniques using the laser permit patients addicted to nasal sprays to throw away their nasal sprays, never to need them again.  Patients who have relied on nasal strips while sleeping or playing sports will no longer need them.  The multitude of patients who have benefited from Dr. Feinberg's unique method of correcting their years of nasal blockage will typically exclaim: "It's a whole new world!"

When you come to Dr. Feinberg's office for your personal consultation with him, we will be more than happy to show you our album of testimonial letters from previous patients -- describing the exciting improvement in their lives  as a result of Dr. Feinberg's nasal surgery.

If you would like to learn more details about nasal obstruction and Dr. Feinberg's extremely successful surgery to permanently eliminate nasal blockage, please read further.

The Importance of Nasal Breathing 

Is breathing well through your nose important?  Can you think of anything else more important?  You must breathe through your nose every 5 seconds for every minute of every hour of your life.  If you don't breath well through your nose then you are struggling, wasting valuable energy every 5 seconds!  Isn't it time to take action to correct your debilitating, medically harmful habit of struggling to breathe through your nose?  Dr. Feinberg has the medical knowledge, the experience, the surgical skill, the surgical judgment, and the expertise with his cutting edge laser techniques to eliminate your nasal blockage -- permanently.  Every infant is born with an instinctive desire to breathe through the nose.  There's a very good reason for this instinct for nose-breathing:  the structures inside your nose are designed to properly warm and humidify the air you breathe before it gets to your lungs; the structures inside your mouth are not.  So every time you mouth-breathe you are unable to properly warm and humidify the air on its way to your lungs -- surely a very undesirable situation from a medical standpoint. 

And what about the other problems associated with nasal blockage that negatively affect your health and your lifestyle?

  • the inability to sleep peacefully at night while you restlessly struggle to breathe through your nose -- you wake up depleted of energy, still tired instead of refreshed

  • excessively loud snoring aggravated by nasal obstruction

  • the limitations on your exercise tolerance and endurance when you attempt to work out

  • dry mouth and dry throat due to mouth-breathing, especially at night -- you awaken because you need to get a drink of water to moisten your dry throat or you keep a glass of water at your bedside 

  • the frustrating inability to breathe through your nose when your mouth is otherwise occupied

  • facial pain and pressure due to nasal obstruction

All these problems have been encountered by Dr. Feinberg during his conversations with many patients over 30 years of nasal surgery and all of these problems have been overcome after Dr. Feinberg's astute, meticulous nasal surgery, utilizing the laser.  Can you benefit as well?  Let's learn more about how nasal breathing really works.



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