Facial Plastic Surgery to Enhance Your Appearance

At various stages in the aging process, for some patients at a relatively earlier age and for some later, the skin and muscles of the face and neck will begin to sag, making you look not only older but also tired and worried.  Fortunately, Dr. Feinberg's corrective surgical procedures, performed at the Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center, are available to help you.  As a highly skilled surgeon with a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. Feinberg will revitalize your face using the most effective techniques to elevate not only your skin but, equally important, the underlying muscle layers as well.  Yet, while successfully achieving this elevation of the facial skin and muscle, Dr. Feinberg carefully avoids the bizarre, overstretched look that characterizes many obviously "surgical-looking" facelifts.   Thanks to Dr. Feinberg's extensive full-time training in art and design prior to medical school, he is uniquely qualified to make, successfully, the frequent artistic judgments required during facial plastic surgery.


For this reason, when performing surgery to rejuvenate the aging face, Dr. Feinberg's guiding principle -- "keep it natural"-- provides wonderful benefits to his patients.

The soft tissues around your eyes affect the message your facial expression sends to others more powerfully than any other aspect of your face.  Nothing will make you look older, more tired, more sad, or more angry than sagging, baggy soft tissues of your upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows.  Dr. Feinberg's architectural training provides him with the artistic precision required when working around the eyes.  Careful pre-operative evaluation will dictate the precise amounts and location of bulging fat and loose skin to be removed during eyelid surgery.  Using the laser when it provides a superior advantage as well as other instruments, Dr. Feinberg will re-contour the soft tissues around your eyes to bring you a more youthful, clear-eyed, energetic appearance.

For men, the chin, as well as the nose and brow, is a crucial structure needed to give appropriate masculine strength to your facial contour.  Possessing a weak, receding chin will deprive you of the assertive, positive character to your face you really desire.


For women, a weak receding chin is equally unattractive in a different way -- it deprives you of the proper artistic balance to your other facial features, especially your nose and brow.  Study the chins of our most beautiful actresses, and you'll soon realize the benefit of a subtle, feminine but adequately sized chin.


But don't worry, help is available at the Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Feinberg will evaluate your chin and then work with you to select the proper size of chin implant to harmonize smoothly with the rest of your face.  Excellent soft chin implants are now available in a variety of sizes, made of materials extremely well tolerated by the body.  Using the benefits of Dr. Feinberg's extensive artistic training in sizes and shapes, he will recommend a particular size of chin implant for your face, after testing a variety of sample implants against your own chin.  With the mirror in his spacious consultation room, you can see his choice for yourself and then jointly participate in the decision with him.  The implant can be inserted through a small incision hidden either inside the mouth behind the lower lip or behind the chin externally, whichever you prefer.  The beneficial effect of a properly sized and placed chin implant -- for both men and women -- is very significant.

For both men and women, well-defined facial bone contours are an important hallmark of an attractive, confident appearance -- in personaland business interactions.  In addition to the chin and nose, the cheekbones are facial structures needed to establish the desired importance for your face.  Hollow or weak, poorly defined cheekbones will keep you from achieving the youthful appearance of empowerment you desire.


Some patients are born with weak, poorly defined cheekbones.  Other patients develop undesirable hollow cheekbones due to the aging process -- as cheek tissues or bone shrink away with the passage of time.  Either way, Dr. Feinberg can assist you in overcoming this significant problem.


Working together during your personal consultation with Dr. Feinberg, we will select the appropriate size and shape of soft implant for your own individual cheekbone problem.  Let's take advantage of modern technology and select the best implant from the wide variety now available.  Calling on his years of training in art and design, Dr. Feinberg will help you select the best implant -- not too large and not too small.  Using incisions hidden inside the mouth and the gentle precision of the laser, the implants are placed painlessly under anesthesia in Dr. Feinberg's state-of-the-art surgery center.  The results of properly selected cheek implants are truly dramatic.



  •  Goretex Implants to Correct Deeper Wrinkles 

As the face ages, wrinkles occur in selected areas that are too deep to treat with laser skin resurfacing alone.  Two prime examples are the deep vertical furrow ("frown line") that arises between your eyebrows just above your nose and the deep diagonal crease where your cheek meets your upper lip on each side of your face.  Such deep furrows make you look inappropriately angry and tired.

The very unattractive look of these deep furrows can be significantly softened when Dr. Feinberg implants Goretex grafts directly into these areas.  Goretex grafting material is soft, pliable, man-made and extremely well tolerated by the body.  Goretex implants inside the body have been used with wonderful success for over 30 years in the repair of blood vessels and soft tissue defects.


Using local anesthesia alone, Dr. Feinberg performs his Goretex graft surgery under meticulous sterile technique at the beautiful Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center.


Unlike collagen injections, which are only temporary and must be performed again in a matter of months, Dr. Feinberg's Goretex grafts are permanent, providing a significant advantage for his patients.

With aging and sun exposure, multiple fine wrinkles can develop in your facial skin, especially around the mouth and eyes, emphasizing the aging process.  Dr. Feinberg uses the carbon dioxide laser to vaporize away the aging layers of skin; the laser is very precise and gentle to the surroundingtissue.


When only a localized area of the face is treated, such as the fine wrinkles in the skin of the upper lip, local anesthesia can be used effectively.  If the entire face is treated, general anesthesia is usually appropriate to avoid any prolonged discomfort.

At any point in time a mole or other skin growth on the face and neck may start enlarging, bleeding, itching or becoming painful.  This raises the concern that the skin growth could be malignant. 


To treat such undesirable skin growths on the face and neck, Dr. Feinberg offers you the option of total removal of the skin growth, requiring only local anesthesia.  Dr. Feinberg will perform this procedure at the very comfortable and beautiful Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

Dr. Feinberg will skillfully place your incision in a normal facial crease, and then utilize his years of cosmetic surgery experience to close the incision very, very carefully to achieve the best cosmetic result.  Naturally, the skin specimen removed is sent to a highly experienced pathologist to determine if it was cancerous, and if so, to ensure that all the cancer was removed.  Frozen section analysis is available if needed.  Such procedures are usually covered by appropriate medical insurance.



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