• Liposuction of the Face, Neck and Body

Many of Dr. Feinberg's liposuction patients follow a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and watching their diet. Yet even though they exercise and diet, undesirable localized fat deposits just will not go away. These are the ideal patients for liposuction treatment at Dr. Feinberg's state-of-the-art surgery center.

After administering medications for mild sedation, Dr. Feinberg utilizes the latest tumescent technique to perform liposuction of the face, neck or body. The tumescent technique involves infusing a saline (salt and water) solution under the skin through small incisions; the saline solution contains medicines to prevent pain and bleeding.  The amount of medicines used to prevent pain and bleeding is carefully calculated by Dr. Feinberg himself, thereby ensuring that only the safe amount is used during the surgery, avoiding any potential medication problems.

After waiting 30 minutes for the medications to take effect, Dr. Feinberg can then perform your liposuction as an essentially painless procedure while you are awake and able to co-operate by changing positions as needed. This is a very exiting, very effective technique. After the liposuction is over, you return home with a friend. None of Dr. Feinberg's patients have reported any significant pain after surgery. You can return to work two or three days after your liposuction.

As with all of Dr. Feinberg's procedures, but especially with liposuction, you will benefit from  Dr. Feinberg's years of training in art and design, including sculpture, because successful liposuction is really the art of liposculpture -- requiring significant sensitivity to three-dimensional body shapes and forms.  Dr. Feinberg possesses this sensitivity and has achieved success in liposuction of the cheeks, jowls, neck, upper arms, male chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, back, flanks ("spare tire"), hips, buttocks, outer upper thighs ("saddlebags"), upper inner thighs, and inner knees. The following patient is an example of the treatment results after liposuction of the hips and upper outer thighs ("saddlebags").



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