Welcome to the website of Barry J. Feinberg, M.D., maintained for informational purposes only and available online as your knowledge center for laser-assisted nasal airway surgery. We have served the needs of patients in the greater Los Angeles area, Southern California, across the United States and abroad with pride and dedication for thirty-four years – from 1976 until Dr. Feinberg's retirement from solo practice in 2010. Dr. Feinberg was an extraordinarily thorough and skilled physician who was ready to take the time needed to fully evaluate and treat your own special medical problems.

When performing surgery, Dr. Feinberg constantly gave his full effort to make sure all your nasal airway problems were completely and permanently corrected. Both before and after nasal surgery, Dr. Feinberg considered all of his patient’s other medical problems and conscientiously attended to them to ensure safe surgery. As a result, during his thirty-four years of practice, Dr. Feinberg always provided his patients with the highest quality of medical care and never compromised his standards.

For all patients, Dr. Feinberg and his outstanding staff were committed to our very personalized approach to medical care. In our beautiful office you were fully assured you received the individual attention and respect you deserved. Wendy Feinberg, our Chief Administrative Officer and Dr. Feinberg's wife, was instrumental in establishing and maintaining this personalized approach to patient relations at our office and at the Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center.


To all our former patients and all those interested in learning about nasal obstruction and the best way to correct it permanently with laser-assisted nasal airway surgery:

After 34 years, Dr. Feinberg has retired from the solo practice of nasal airway surgery and closed his office at 5400 Balboa Boulevard in Encino. Because Dr. Feinberg invented his own unique techniques for laser-assisted nasal airway surgery himself, he cannot refer you to another surgeon and expect to achieve the same results. Dr. Feinberg recommends asking your primary care doctor for a referral.

However, Dr. Feinberg has kept this website up on the Internet as a valuable source of information for patients everywhere. Dr. Feinberg has been working on his E-book, “Laser-Assisted Nasal Airway Surgery”, to explain his experiences with chronic nasal obstruction and describe his permanently successful surgical techniques in detail to doctors and patients. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy when it’s finished, just send us an e-mail and we’ll notify you when it’s available. Thanks for all your interest and support!


Barry J.Feinberg, M.D.

Dr. Feinberg's surgical practice included two major areas of specialization: Laser Nasal Surgery to Correct Nasal Blockage and Facial Plastic Surgery to Enhance Your Appearance.  Just click on the appropriate item to the left to find out more about your area of interest.

 We look forward to helping you with our informational website! 


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